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John Doe

Corey Shader


After graduating from FSU, Corey founded Alliance Marketing Corp. in 2015 to address the lack of healthcare options. As a forward outside-the-box thinker, his vision has driven the company’s growth to become a leader in the industry with over 300 agents in just 3 years. He uses that same determination and insight to help guide his clients in achieving their goals of growth and maximizing profitability.

Josh Clark

Andrew Shader


Andrew received his Business Management and Marketing degree in 2011. As CFO of AMC, he manages all executive leaders, financial planning, and analysis, while driving the timely execution of production and distribution. By monitoring control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results, Andrew develops tactical initiatives to support the company’s strategic and financial direction.

Mary Jane
Nix Maxwell

Adam Bassell

Chief Administrative Officer

By supervising daily operations and optimizing day-to-day performance, Adam ensures Alliance Marketing Corp. succeeds in implementing strategic business plans while supervising marketing efforts and customer retention. Giving close attention to quality assurance, administrative policy, and organizational behavior, his expertise and passion keeps all administrative operations running smoothly.

"Results, never excuses."

- Corey Shader

About Alliance

Alliance Marketing Corp. is a rapidly growing company offering solutions through consumer-facing products for dental, vision, prescription, preventative care, and more. Our mission is to help your company grow by providing products for your business in order to increase your revenue, while exceeding your customers’ expectations. As a leader in the industry, Alliance Marketing Corp. helps you stand out among your competitors.

Customer Driven

As a rapidly-expanding company, we apply our expertise by listening to needs, and then we formulate the best possible solutions to improve and grow businesses.

Forward Thinking

Our team provides the best guidance paired with innovative knowledge and technology. By staying up to date with the latest technologies, we are the leading advisors in the industry.

Innovative Marketing

Through market research we are able to know what the customer needs and wants before they do, then we customize savings programs for the future.

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Customer Retention

We don’t focus on just the sale, we have teams dedicated to customer satisfaction and maximizing a member's lifetime value.

Strategic Planning

Together, we work dilligently to fully understand businesses, clients, and goals, then we tailor a unique product mix that will help achieve a maximum ROI.

Unrivaled Leadership

Because of our client-centric focus, we pull industry leaders from their respective specialties, ensuring success from the top down is ingrained in us to strive for nothing but the best.

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