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Our extensive discount product line for individuals, families, and groups includes dental, vision, prescription, wellness, and more.
Lab Benefits and More

Lab Benefits and More

Lab Benefits and More is your journey to wellness. Receive answers to all your questions from fully-licensed neuropaths, nurses, nutritionists, and personal trainers that provide guidance and support when you need it. This program was designed to provide the easiest way of reaching the happiest, healthiest you.

  • 11-day and 30-day weight loss programs.
  • Easy-to-schedule provider appointments.
  • No doctor referral or prescription required.
Lab and Wellness

Lab and Wellness

Lab & Wellness offers services for Life Extension, Labwork, Patient Advocacy, Weight Loss, and more. Members receive assistance when making appointments, and are guided towards benefits that are cost saving. Additionally, you can save more through a Global Pet Savings Program designed for your pet’s supplies and health needs.

  • 700+ Valued Blood Test
  • Free lost pet recovery service available 24/7.
  • Tailored nutrition and health programs.
  • Up to 75 panels for men and women.
Complete Dental and Vision

Complete Dental and Vision

With exclusive connections to substantial savings, Complete Dental and Vision is committed to providing members with exclusive advantages on dental and vision services. With more than 12 million members, Complete Dental and Vision grants access to the DenteMax network. As a member, experience the best dental and vision services at a fraction of the cost.

  • 10% off orders with free standard shipping.
  • Choose qualified dentists within the DenteMax network.
  • Membership discounts of 10-15% off retail services.
  • Over 1,500 LASIK locations nationwide.
Premiere Rx

Premiere Rx

PremiereRX gives access to more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. With a 3-step “Search, Select, Save” system, receiving medications is easier than ever. The goal of PremiereRX is to provide premiere care for extraordinary patients at any time, any place. Receive Mobile Diagnostic services such as EKG, Ultrasound, and X-Ray from the comfort of your home.

  • 1,200+ licensed medical specialists available for at-home care.
  • Search for your medication and receive the cost instantly.
  • Select the best price and delivery method for your medication.
  • Save on medications by paying online and have it delivered to you.
MyLab Benefits

My Lab Benefits

My Lab Benefits is a savings program for your everyday health and wellness, and also provides the efficiency to live well and be healthier. By offering exclusive benefits and services for early detection and disease prevention, My Lab Benefits welcomes you to discover ways to save money, improve your well-being, and live your happiest, healthiest life.

  • 71+ panel blood test for men and women.
  • Assistance in existing medical bill negotiations.
  • Consult with board-certified physicians 24/7/365.
  • Locate low-cost medical equipment.


MobileMed was created to bring medical care to your front door. In minutes you can acquire virtual care from your doctor without leaving your home. Have your medical needs evaluated, diagnose conditions, and receive treatment easily and affordably. MobileMed provides comfortable, personable, no-waiting services wherever you are.

  • Avoid expensive Emergency Room costs.
  • Avoid exposure to illness from hospitals.
  • Care from certified doctors and ER Physicians.
  • No up front costs or waiting rooms.


EyeBenefits is a discount vision program with a provider network of over 12,000 locations nationwide. Consisting of independent optical stores and major optical chains including Visionworks, For Eyes Optical, J.C. Penney Optical, and more. As a member, you have no restrictions on eyewear style or number of purchases. Get savings on all your optical needs.

  • 5-20% discounts on customary eye exam fees.
  • 20-25% discounts on retail frames.
  • 15-50% discount on LASIK procedures.
  • 20-25% discount on retail lenses.
US Dental Access

US Dental Access

Partnered with Dentemax, US Dental Access is a leader in the industry with affordable dental solutions. With a fully committed team providing superior customer service, members gain peace of mind and join the Dentemax network of 12+ million members. Bright-white, happy, healthy smiles are all brought to you and your loved ones by US Dental Access.

  • 10-50% savings on dental services.
  • Advisors available 365 days a year.
  • Family rates starting at $41.97 per month.
  • Individual rates starting at $34.97 per month.
Essential Care Plan

Essential Care Program

The Essential Care Program provides a savings program for dental, hearing, and vision. Members can save up to thousands of dollars each year by accessing their benefits. The Essential Care Program helps members keep out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.

  • 263,000 access points for savings nationwide.
  • Access to over 14,000 optical providers.
  • Advisors available 365 days a year.
  • Hearing aid discounts from 35% - 70% (off MSRP).

Member Savings Plan

The Member Saving Plan is a discount plan designed to help you save money while making your life more convenient. As a member, you gain access to discounts on thousands of generic medications at a lower price than brand-name alternatives. Ordering medications is made fast, easy, and secure through international mail order and will ship directly to your home.

  • FDA approved drugs are discounted with membership card.
  • Savings of 55% on generic and 15% on brand-name drugs.
  • Member ID cards accepted at over 80% of US pharmacies.
  • No limit on number of prescriptions that can be filled.
Platinum RX

Platinum RX

Platinum RX provides members with easy access to all of their prescription needs. Platinum RX members have extensive savings at many walk-in pharmacies nationwide. The mail order program allows members to find a cheaper equivalent of their drug from countries all over the world, and will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

  • The PAP Program helps members better afford expensive medications.
  • Individual rates starting at $47.93 per month.
  • Family rates starts at $57.93 per month.
  • Average savings of 55% on generic medications.
White Label

Build Your Own Product

If your production warrants your own white label product, we may offer to create your own white label product specific to your needs and price points. With a vast network of companies, you can create any product you want. We help handle the creation of the product from benefits to distribution. Creating a product has never been easier.

  • Creation of unique products tailored to your target market.
  • AMC will brand your product according to your needs.
  • We ensure that your products are compliant.
  • Create your own price point.

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